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Westland Logo Debunked  – CITY OF WESTLAND, MI LOGO EXPOSED – Satanic Illuminati New World Order Mind Controlled Meat Puppets, F.ascist O.ppressive R.acist P.ro L.EGAL S.lavery(FOREPLAYS) Low Go and Slow Gain clearly shows their Intent and ILL WILL/ Ill Willy R. Wild Mayor.  Ignorance of the law is not a defense there of.
It’s Illegal to use/claim/procure LEGAL NAMES and they’ve been told MULTIPLE TIMES. They denied the CHRIST, they denied the TRUTH.


Lower Case Alphabet Decoded (tails/hooks/glyphs/dots)

TeNeVerEntInkStarEi88   (One way of viewing the quad nature of the lower case alphabet in regards to the upper and lower hooks/tails/glyphs/dots/sigils)

The 3 Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig


By   j-A/C-ON M Ma-Rho-Ka-N

Once upon a time, there were three little wolves that lived with their Mother in a meadow. One day their Mother said, “You need to go out into the world and make your own way.” So they waved “goodbye” and went out into the world.

The little wolves decided to build their houses in a meadow near the woods. The first little wolf went the legal route and acquired all types of contracts such as a driver’s license, registration, all forms of insurances, bills, code inspections, permits, etc. He didn’t want any trouble with the system and thought that by doing what is deemed “normal”, he’d be free and clear of any worries. On the contrary, the second and third wolves built their houses without all of the supposedly needed permits, licenses, insurances, code inspections, registrations, etc. Now the system that the first little wolf was so deathly afraid of had an enforcer of its laws, the Big Bad Pig. He enforced all things “legal” within the system in which he worshipped.

The meadow was vast and infinite, as it went on much farther than any single eye could see. That being said, there was more than enough room for all three houses. All three wolves had often spouted that they weren’t afraid of the big bad pig. However, the first little wolf was afraid, for he had gotten all forms of I.D. and legal joinder to the system in which the big bad pig worshipped and obeyed. The first little wolf lacked confidence and was extremely unsure of himself. Even though he abided by all of the legal rules and laws, thoughts of the big bad pig paying him a visit still lurked throughout his Cain-ridden mind. Living in fear, living a lie and unaware of his true being, the first wolf took everything extremely literal and his ego controlled his every action. All of this also made him very lazy. He decided to make his house out of STRAW from the meadow. Using a legal name, along with some other legal documents and contracts, the first little wolf was able to obtain a mortgage and a few loans. When everything was said and done, the first little wolf had a fully registered house and went by the fully registered legal name, “Tom Harridan”.

Sure enough, the big bad pig trotted out to watch him build the house. When the house was finished, the big bad pig knocked on the door and asked for the wolf’s name and if he may come in. “Tom Harridan…”, the first little wolf replied in a trembling, shaken up voice. “… I don’t understand, I haven’t done anything wrong, please leave me alone.” The big bad pig responded with much authority demanding to come in, “Fear not Mr. Harridan, you are not in any trouble. If you’ve nothing to hide then you’ll let me in.” The first little wolf didn’t know what to do. On one hand he was afraid and wanted to let the pig inside. On the other hand, he knew his rights and the pigs request wasn’t making sense. The first little wolf went on to say, “I’m sorry but I have rights and amendments you know, I will not let you in without a warrant.” The big bad pig began laughing hysterically, and in that instant, he huffed and puffed and blew the house down. Even though the first little wolf had thought that he should have been safe by being a law abiding citizen, there was nothing he could do about what had just transpired. He quickly ran to the second little wolf’s house and escaped just in the nick of time.

The second little wolf thought to himself, “I will be smarter, I will build my house out of TWIGS from the edge of the woods. I’ll be out in nature and shall have no need to be on the system’s grid. That should be easy and safe.” The second little wolf was what people called a doomsday prepper, and he went by the alias, “Dick”. Of course the big bad pig came by and said, “You should not build a house with twigs from my woods, you need a permit. This house doesn’t even have an address and a mailbox on it. You need to be legal you know.  Why, what is your name?” The second wolf was caught off guard and answered, “Dick…”  The pig questioned, “Well Dick, would you mind showing me some identification? Are you aware of the laws?” The second little wolf responded with a vengeful tone, “I don’t need to give you any information. I’m not on your grid, I’m a sovereign citizen minding my own business. I’m not hurting anyone.” The big bad pig roared and screamed, “Don’t want to cooperate huh? I will huff and puff and blow your house down.” Sure enough, as soon as the house was finished being built, the pig blew it down.

The first little wolf (Tom Harridan) and the second little wolf (Dick) ran to hide at the third little wolf’s house. This house was made out of BRICK! “Oh”, they said, “You are the smartest of us all. Let us in, let us in, and we promise to buy all of the food for a week.” But before the third little wolf let them both inside, he first explained to them a few things. “Before I can let you enter this house, you must be willing to stand in absolute truth, no questions asked. No more running in fear, no more legal name traps. You cannot be your true self when you’re contracting with the system’s dead legal world, believing you’re a legal name. You are living beings, living soul creations operating a biological meatsuit computer. Our true names cannot be pronounced with our vocal chords. Try and remember, go back to when you were only referred to as “the first little wolf” and “the second little wolf”, no NAMESOK? Lose the name, win the game. Pay the toll or choose to regain your soul. Don’t feed the beast. Don’t kill yourselves any longer. By giving these pigs any joinder to connect you to their 2D dead paper fiction reality, you are consenting to be legally dead. Basically at that point, you’re hypnotized slaves stuck in the allegory of your own caves. So, make your choice, WHO ARE YOU?” The two wolves in question where speechless, they had been served the biggest dose of truth they had ever come across. They stood in silence, contemplating, and both knowing that with each moment the pig drew nearer. This was a lot of information to take in with not much time to waste. After a few minutes had went by the second little wolf was the first to speak up. “Alright, I get it, no names here. I’m with you brother.” The third little wolf stepped aside, “You’re free to enter.” The third little wolf turned back awaiting the first little wolf’s answer. But “Tom” was feeling very uneasy about the whole thing and said, “Well, yes… but, but, but… but what if… suppose… the big bad pig comes and we give no names, who’s to say that he isn’t just going to blow the house down anyways?” The third wolf went on to say, “You must trust me on this, better yet, you must fully trust in all creation. That’s as easy as I can put it right now as you have little time to decide. I can see the pig coming up the road just over that hillside.”, pointing off into the distance at the red and blue flashing lights coming from the pig’s police vehicle. The first little wolf pondered a bit, and in a real worried tone he said, “O-O-O-K, just don’t let the big bad pig get me, I’ll do anything!” The third wolf quickly snapped, “You need not DO anything at all, just simply BE. When the pig comes, just keep quiet, I’ll do all of the talking. Watch me and then you shall see the power that you wield once you know who you are and stand in truth.”

The pig came by, knocked on the door and asked to come in. The third wolf shouted calmly, “No legal names here, not part of your juris-fiction. No you may not come in, not by the hair on my chinny chin chin!” So the pig huffed and puffed and    THE HOUSE DID NOT FALL DOWN!!!  The big bad pig said to himself, “This cannot be, I will climb onto the roof, go down the chimney and eat those wolves all up. I’ll find joinder in some way or another.” He went down the chimney and landed in a pot of boiling water. The third little wolf handed the pig a few essays/documents and said, “Here, read these writings, they’ll help you get caught up to speed in understanding the legal name fraud. It will help clear up all of this nonsense and confusion.” The pig flipped through the papers partially reading them. They detailed and explained how Babylon has fallen, how the birth certificate fraud works, how we’ve been tricked with the languages, definitions and spellings of words. The essays also explained that just by the big bad pig simply asking for a “name” from someone, he is actually committing pre-meditated murder and enticing people into slavery under a false juris-fiction. The big bad pig was powerless. Without any consent or joinder to connect the third little pig to a name, there was nothing the pig could add to his Book of the Dead, Narmer palette. The big bad pig ran away and never came back.

The third little wolf invited the first little wolf and the second little wolf to stay with him in his cozy brick house. The third little wolf said, “See, I told you. When you stand in truth, you’re untouchable, creation HAS you. Mother told us to find our “way”, she didn’t mean to go out living in fear, creating legal name id-entity dead fiction so that we may worship the whore of Babylon working as subservient subjective slaves, living under someone else’s definitions. She meant to go within, find yourself and simply BE. Be who you are meant to be not who you are being conditioned and told to be. I’m sure you’ve learned a thing or two today. Most importantly, YOU SHOULD KNOW WHO YOU ARE NOW!”

The three little wolves visited their Mother every Sunday for dinner and they all lived happily ever after into infinite immortality never to touch or contract with anything LEGAL again.

The Beginning………….